Accomplishment and Moving Forward to Clarity

I’ve been away from home for a couple days now. I’ve been able to capitalize and build on the clarity that I mentioned in my last blog post. I’m spending time with one of my best friends and his wife, and they’re wonderful people. He’s an amazing person, and has always been one of the nicest people I’ve ever known, and this visit is definitely something that I’ve needed.

I call it a mini working vacation. We’ve already mowed almost 5 acres and the work will still continue. It always feels so good to see the landscape change by the work you put in, and it provides a feeling of accomplishment that you just can’t really get without sweating your ass off from working in a field like we did.

Accomplishment. What an incredible word. It means “the successful achievement of a task.” And when we feel that sense of accomplishment in our lives, it breeds positivity and inspiration. Feeling accomplished helps people to better understand the goals they have set in life, or the goals they want to set.

If there was no such thing as accomplishment, then goals would be useless. But it’s not that way after all, and thank God for that. Accomplishment is like a high. It’s like a good drug if there ever was one. And no, I am not 420 friendly.

We ventured into the unknown on two riding mowers, like two tanks into battle, or two starships boldly going where no man has gone before. And there’s lots of spiders out there to. Not little spiders either. Big giant, two and a half inch diameter spiders everywhere you look. Everywhere. And I hate spiders.

And they’re not the only things that go bump in the uncut grass. When mowing sections of giant country yards that have never been mowed before, watch out for hornets nests and yellow jacket nests. Those little suckers are very territorial.

There’s nothing quite like teaming up to tackle what seems to be an impossible task, and then kicking ass in the process. And sharing the sense of accomplishment with one of my closest and best friends just makes it even better.

I know firsthand what it’s like to want to accomplish something only to fail in the process. I know what it feels like to be stuck somewhere, or stuck on some….thing, some task. I know what it feels like when nothing makes sense to you but you’re still in that position anyways. The honest to God truth is that…sometimes life just sucks.

But the emphasis is on the word “sometimes.”

You see, without failure, you can never appreciate the wins. Without failure, you can never appreciate victory. Without the downs, you can never appreciate the ups in life.

I’ve learned so much about myself since I originally decided to unplug from most of the world. And it’s been an eye opening experience. I still have a lot of work to do, but we all do. No person ever stops learning or growing. Life is an ever evolving process. And I guess what I’m getting at by touching on so many different topics, is that I was like the field outside my current window view.

My thoughts and feelings were the thorns and weeds and shrubbery that overpowered the landscape of the beautiful green grass. The hornets nests and yellow jacket nests are the negative emotions that were in my mind. What I needed was for my mindset to be shaken up, to be changed from the norm. The riding mowers that just mowed down everything in their paths, they represent action. They represent a cleaner, more distinct thought process that is free of confusion.

And now that the lawn has been mowed, I can get a clearer understanding and sense of just how big the yard really is. That’s the clarity I referred to earlier. Now I can see just how clouded my mind was before. This is why I am thankful to have great friends.

Over the last week I have completely changed the way I approach each day. I feel like the original me is coming back now, and it feels so good. I owe this to my great friends both close and afar. Thank you.

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