Fashion, Function, and the Indomitable Human Spirit


If you do a Google search for the question “What is fashion?” you get the following definition:

1. a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.
2. a manner of doing something.

This clarifies what fashion really is. It’s clear that it’s a much deeper concept than just pretty outfits or nice clothes. Fashion by definition, is a matter of mindset. Fashion is directly linked to a person’s mentality, and is shaped by all the details and choices encountered in that person’s day to day activity.

The great thing about fashion is that it’s so unique and so varied for every person in the world. No two people anywhere have the exact same beliefs about fashion. What’s beautiful and elegant to one person, may be hideous and repulsive to the next. And then along comes someone else who likes bits and pieces of both ideas, and now you have three completely different views of fashion. This process is endless, and it’s what makes fashion so incredible. This is why it never really mattered what color that dress was in the famous, viral picture that’s still circulating the web to this day!

I think everyone wants to look good in their own eyes, but it’s just a matter of preference if they care or not about how they look in someone else’s eyes. I know I personally don’t feed into anyone else’s opinions of how I look or dress, but other people are different. There are people who dare not leave their homes without some third party input on whether or not they meet the standard. And therein lies the big question on everyone’s mind. What exactly IS the standard? WHAT standard? And WHY? So on goes that never ending process I’ve just mentioned above about what makes fashion so great.


When it comes to functionality in style, that’s also another preference that changes with the person. Some people must only purchase clothing and accessories that meet strict standards of functionality for day to day activities. Then there’s other people that could really care less, because their only concern is how they “look” in an outfit, but not how that outfit is or isn’t functional throughout the day.

This is why some women wear high heels to the club just to take them off as soon as they get in. The purpose is only to “look” good, but heels have nothing to do with dancing in the club. And ladies, for the love of all things holy, please stop taking your shoes off in the club! If you only knew what you were really stepping on, you’d probably become Nuns.

Anyways, the whole concept of functional clothing is simply a personal preference for everyone. I have been a person that’s sort of in the middle of both sides. I like to look what I call “at least decent” when going somewhere. LOL! But at the same time I like to have functionable attire as well, which means I need pockets, and lots of them because sometimes I’m the type of person that carries a lot of miscellaneous items. And yes, I’ll proudly rock a pocket protector like there’s no tomorrow. Why? Because for me, it’s functional. It just depends on where I’m going, what I’m doing, how long I plan to be out, and how I feel at the moment I’m getting dressed.

Now the things that help me to make my decisions may or may not be the same for some other people. Who knows what some people consider before getting dressed each day? This is just another reason why fashion is so unique to every person.

The Indomitable Human Spirit

And the final topic I’d like to touch on is the Indomitable Human Spirit. This is the most important topic of all, and it’s what my brand Skyward Mind is all about. Since fashion is so closely tied to “manners of behavior” or a person’s “manner of doing something,” it goes hand in hand with defining the entire Skyward Mind brand concept.

I am a firm believer that hard work and focus beats hopes and dreams any day. I believe that constant learning and skill improvement are the only things that will help anyone to become successful. While many people like to talk about passion and desire, many of those same people break down when the concept of skills comes into the picture. A lot of people fall victim to directionless, motivational nonsense with an overdose on “uplifting memes” and “inspirational posts” but when you ask them what they’ve done to actually address their problems head on, they have no response other than “I keep my head up.”

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a positive mindset or an inspirational post, as long as the people behind them are actively seeking out ways to functionally and properly address their issues. That’s why the Indomitable Human Spirit matters to me.

The most successful people in the world have reached their levels of success because they chose to face their issues head on. They never hid behind useless motivational fluff that only temporarily made them feel a little better. They knuckled down and dug up the courage and the intestinal fortitude necessary to bring their hopes and dreams to life. They spent time daily learning new skills and eventually began to apply those skills on a daily basis. And even if things started off slower than expected, or were harder than they expected, they just kept their eyes and their minds focused on the end goal at all times. They made no excuses, and they faced all the oppositon that came against them. That’s how they became successful. That’s the Indomitable Human Spirit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and have found this information to be informative and useful. It’s my desire with Skyward Mind to provide people with quality products that speak to their personal sense of style, and to build a movement of focused, hard working individuals on a mission for success. It’s my goal to uplift, inspire, and motivate people to become better by the day through learning new skills, applying new skills, and always, always, always staying focused on the end goal.

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