Working from Home and the Distraction of Loved Ones

Hello world. This article is a reboot that I posted long ago while involved in a different venture. I think it’s still important and extremely relevant.

You’re probably working from home if you’re reading this article. If not, you might be someone that wants to give it a try. Maybe you own your own business, or maybe you’ve been chosen by your employer to telecommute. Being in this position is unlike anything else the typical workforce has to offer.

When you work from home the environment is completely different from the typical office setting. You might be free from the annoyances of unbearable coworkers and staff members, but you’re opened up to a whole new list of distractions and annoyances.

I’m going to be completely honest and tell it like it is.

When you work from home, one of the biggest and most unbearable distractions of all is the very people you love the most. The family. The husband or the wife. The boyfriend or girlfriend. You name them and they’re probably on the list. But how could the people you love be such a distraction you ask? It’s truly quite simple.

People seem to misinterpret the concept of working from home to mean that “You are home relaxing, doing nothing, and wasting time.” This is a critical misunderstanding. It’s dangerous for business and extremely frustrating, and not to mention downright disrespectful.

Working from home; whether in a fancy, full sized corner office with a beautiful view and a dual monitor computer system; or a beat up spare bedroom with hand me down furniture and a space heater; is still work none the less.

The home office is just as important and critical to success as the typical office cubicle is, because that is quite literally “where the work is done.”

All too often people get the idea that just because you are home, you have time to waste on nonsense, and in thinking that way, they constantly exercise complete and total disregard for you and your professional work ethic.

Does that sound like I’m being too dramatic about the issue? It might sound that way to some people, but I am not being dramatic at all. If you’re one of the people who think that I am, then working from home is not for you because you don’t understand the meaning of the word “work” in the phrase “working from home.”

A person who works from home must differentiate between responsibility and free time just the same way a person does in a typical office anywhere else. When the person working from home does that, but the people close to them do not, then those people become a major distraction in the work process, and often times the working process is affected in one way or another. This cannot stand.

It’s safe to say that most of our loved ones don’t cause problems on purpose, or ever set out to be the problem person in your work space, but it happens all too often because they fail to see what’s truly at stake, and they fail to see the pressure that’s placed on your shoulders when working from home. There is an incredibly massive misunderstanding and misconception about the ability to work from home, and it seems like it’s bigger than Earth itself.

People get this idea in their head that it’s this “laptop millionaire” lifestyle and/or you’re just part of some “little internet business thing.” So let me clarify now that neither one of those ideas are correct.

Working from home means that a person has chosen to capitalize on their ability to earn a profit based on their ability to complete certain objectives online. It does not mean they stay home to hang out or drink beer or waste time or text message all day long.

People who work from home must be given the same respect for their home office as they are given in any other working environment. The pressure for people who work from home can often be much greater than the pressure for people who do not, especially when that person working from home is doing their best to build a business.

Constant distractions taking place on a daily basis, over and over again, only serve to set back a persons ability to focus and concentrate, and our loved ones fail miserably to understand that because they don’t see the world through your eyes as an Entrepreneur. They just see a loved one sitting at home.

Nothing makes my blood boil quicker than a constant distraction. Even if it’s a loved one. After a while I lose patience. Let’s be very real about this concept. Make no mistake about it, that is the absolute truth for everyone.

It leads to arguments and sometimes screaming matches and a derailed thought process.

It leads to an Entrepreneur losing focus on crucial ideas over and over because people just don’t give the respect they should to the home office environment. Why? Because they want to “talk about something.” They want to “show you something.” They want to “ask you something.” They want to “spend time with you” for whatever reason. They want to “message you about something.” All of this stuff because they don’t see you in an office working. They see you at home.

It is pivotal that rules and boundaries be established and enforced in the home office environment if that home office is to ever see success in the future.

Loved ones love to chit chat when you’re trying to work, and they say things like “It doesn’t matter. You’re home anyways.” But it does matter. It matters a whole lot, and in the long run, it costs a whole lot of money.

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